Why Are Sugar Free Gummy Bears Laxatives

Why Are Sugar Free Gummy Bears Laxatives

Many people wonder why sugar free gummy bears are laxatives. Contrary to popular belief, sugar free gummy bears aren’t laxative but may “work” like one.

Instead, the faux fruit flavor in these candies is what causes diarrhea and other symptoms of constipation. That’s because certain fruits like pineapple and grapefruit have natural sugars that can cause this reaction when they’re eaten on an empty stomach or without enough fiber present in your diet.

The same thing happens when you drink fruit juice on an empty stomach.

When it comes to sugar-free food products, always read the label closely before eating anything with unknown ingredients so that you know exactly what’s inside (or consider contacting customer service for more information). And if you want to enjoy sugar-free sweets occasionally without any gastrointestinal side effects, stick to ones that have a lot of reviews.

Sugar free sweets often contain artificial sweeteners such as sucralose (Splenda) sorbitol maltitol stevia leaf extract (stevia glycosides), and they taste just like sugar.

Are Sugar Free Gummy Bears Laxatives?

The only reason sugar free gummy bears are “laxatives” is because they contain artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners will trigger a release of insulin in your body, causing you to feel like you need to go.

Your pancreas recognizes that there isn’t any real food for it to process and sends the signal out for all the other organs in your digestive system to get rid of what doesn’t belong inside them- aka waste material. And we can be pretty sure this won’t just come out as gas or poop either; no one wants diarrhea on their hands!

That’s why we don’t recommend eating sugar-free gummy bears if you won’t be able to get into a restroom after you ate them as that may end up in unpleasant situation.

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