Here we answer frequently asked questions by customers about Umzu Zupoo. For detailed Zupoo review go here.

Does Umzu ZuPOO work for women?

It is effective for both men and women.

Is this a gluten-free product?

That isn’t the case. One customer have a severe gluten allergy, so after two days, he had to avoid taking it. All of his inflammation markers were skyrocketing. Ringing in the ears, bloodshot eyes, a hangover in the morning, acne, roseace, and so on… They were all getting worse. So no,¬†ZuPOO is not gluten-free and we suggest avoid buying it if it’s your case.

Are these real or fake?

ZuPoo is a real deal but make sure you’re getting enough water.

Is it possible for me to take it if I have a gastric sleeve?

Make sure to consult the doctor, as we are not providing medical advice here.

Is it acceptable to consume alcohol while consuming ZuPoo?

You can drink alcohol, but since it dehydrates your body, make sure you are well hydrated. If you drink enough water, the effect of this zuPOO will be enhanced.

I work Monday through Friday. Can I take it on Tuesday night and be fine at work on Friday? Or should I wait until Friday night to take it and be healthy at home on Saturday?

You should be fine.

Is it available in vegetarian capsules?

Floracil50 and Immune are both available as vegetarian capsules. Bovine gelatin is used in all other capsules.

How long do you consume zuPoo?

We recommend that you use zuPOO for the entire 15-day period. We suggest waiting 90 days after completing a period of zuPOO before taking it again.

Do you continue to eat normally when using this product?

When using this product, you can eat normally.

In this product, what type of gelatin is used? 

It’s a bovine.

Has anyone had hemorrhoids after using this product?

This substance has not been linked to hemorrhoids in our research.

Is there non-decolorized Aloe vera whole leaf extract in this?

Manufacturer uses Aloe Ferox in ZuPoo producing, which is known for its colon cleansing properties. It is the most strong of the colon stimulating herbs as a natural laxative and cleanser.

What is the size of the capsules?

The capsules are approximately 2 centimeters long. To take the substance, simply open them and pour the powder into food or drink.

Can I use this while fasting?

Yes, you can.

Is this a regular cleanse or after a bottle I will need a break?

It’s a 15-day supply, as mentioned on the bottle. Consider the product’s use as a 15-day cycle. After the 15-day cycle of taking the product regularly every day, I would take a break. I’ve only done one round of this product a few months ago, but I’m planning on doing another round soon, not because I have a problem any longer, but because I like the cleaning benefits. I don’t think you’d want to use this product every day.

Is your constipation back after you finish this cleanse?

Not necessarily; you may feel “empty” for a few days, but your bowel movements should be regular.

Is there a distinction between this and laxatives?

The majority of laxatives contain artificial ingredients, but this one does not. It’s entirely natural.

What happens if you don’t remember to take it that night?

For best results, we suggest taking zuPOO for the entire 15-day period. If you fail to take a serving at night, we suggest taking it the next night and continuing to do so for the remainder of the 15-day period.

Is it possible to take multivitamins while taking zuPOO?

I’m still taking my multivitamins and haven’t had any issues. The instructions said that you should take it with a full glass of water before bedtime, but nothing about taking it with your daily vitamins.

Is this a GMO-free product?

Yes, Umzu ZuPoo is GMO-free.

So, how is this different from any other laxative?

A laxative can simply help you move your bowels. ZuPoo can not only do that, but it will also scrub you out for a while, getting rid of old stuff and getting you back on track. That isn’t something a laxative will help you with.

Is it possible to try this every other day and still be successful?

Yes, even if used infrequently, you can see results.

Do you have power over your bowel movements, or must you sit at home? I have to get ready for work.

I didn’t have to sit at home, but you would have to use the restroom more often.