Is Colace a Stool Softener or a laxative

Is Colace a Stool Softener or a laxative?

Colace is a stool softener and not a laxative. A laxative is meant to stimulate bowel movements, while Colace works by increasing the water content in your stools. It also acts as an osmotic agent that draws more fluid from your intestines into the colon.

Many people use Colace for different reasons – some as a stool softener, others as a laxative. If you have been wondering which is best for you or your family, read on to find out the answer!

What type of laxative is Colace?

Colace is most commonly used as a stool softener and can be taken in pill form, liquid form (suppositories), or applied topically (cream). The active ingredient in Colace is docusate sodium and it works by increasing water content of stools so they are easier to pass.

This medication can also prevent constipation caused by taking certain medications like pain relievers that reduce bowel movements. For those using Colace strictly for its laxative properties, this drug must be taken with plenty of water at regular basis.

How to use Colace as a laxative?

Colace should be taken before bedtime and does not work as a laxative after just one dose. Take the medication with a full glass of water.

The maximum dosage is typically prescribed as 1 to 3 pills per day. Patients should discontinue use if they do not have a bowel movement after three days on the standard dose and then consult their doctor for alternative treatment options (i.e., stool softener).

Colace does not work quickly but it does last long so make sure you are taking more than one pill every few hours until there’s an improvement in your symptoms or you’ve reached the recommended daily limit! Be careful when mixing with other meds, better to get an advice from your physician beforehand.

If you have trouble swallowing tablets then try crushing them up first, but make sure that you drink plenty of liquid with the crushed tablets.

Colace is not recommended for children under 2 years, pregnant or nursing women, those who have inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), stomach or intestinal ulcers, severe kidney failure, ileostomy patients and people undergoing certain forms of surgery.


Colace can be both stool softener or a laxative, depending on the individual. It’s typically used as a stool softener to help with constipation and hard stools if taken for more than one day in a row or after surgery.

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