How Does Dulcolax Laxative Work?

how do laxatives work dulcolax

Dulcolax is a popular brand of laxative that has been around for many years. Most people use Dulcolax to help with constipation, diarrhea and other bowel issues. There are many different types of Dulcolax products available, including suppositories for those who can’t take pills or liquids.

In this article we will discuss the various uses for Dulcolax and how long it takes them to work. We’ll also answer some common questions about taking Dulcolax while pregnant as well as whether it’s safe to take both stool softeners and Dulcolax together.

How Does Dulcolax Laxative Work?

Dulcolax is a type of stimulant laxative that works by causing contractions in the bowels. These contractions are what help to move stools through and out of the body, making Dulcolax an effective remedy for constipation. The exact mechanism by which Dulcolax stimulates these bowel movements is available partly to its ability to increase fluid content in the intestines.

However, while Dulcolax does provide relief from constipation or diarrhea, there are a few drawbacks: It can take up to 12 hours before you start feeling any effects. It is longer than some other types of laxatives. And side effects such as nausea may occur after taking large doses.

The active ingredient in Dulcolax suppositories is bisacodyl which stimulates the peristaltic movements of your intestines naturally without causing cramps or nausea like other types of laxatives can cause.

Can I take Dulcolax laxative and stool softener together?

The Dulcolax laxative and stool softener together is the use of more than one type of medication to treat constipation. Some people may find that they need a bowel movement after taking it, while others will still experience difficulty with moving their bowels even though they’ve taken both medications.

If you are experiencing chronic constipation or have had problems passing stools within 24 hours after using Dulcolax, consult your doctor about how long for Dulcolax laxative to work? It could be indication of another problem other than just not going regularly enough.

Is Dulcolax a good laxative?

Dulcolax is a good laxative for people who’ve tried other treatments without success. Dulcolex may also be prescribed to patients with chronic constipation, or those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

If you are taking Dulcolax and have diarrhea, consult your doctor as soon as possible. You could need an emergency hospital visit if this continues.

How long for Dulcolax laxative to work?

The laxative effect of Dulcolax may take up to 12 hours, so it’s not a quick fix for immediate relief. You can’t expect instant results from Dulcolax or any other type of laxative. It is recommended that you use the medication at bed.

Is Dulcolax a gentle laxative?

Dulcolax is a gentle laxative. It doesn’t cause cramping, nausea or stomach irritation.

It’s important to maintain good hydration when using Dulcolax as it can aggravate dehydration problems from constipation and diarrhea in some people.

Is Dulcolax a natural laxative?

Dulcolax is not a natural laxative. Dulcolax ingredients are man-made and synthetic.

When you take Dulcolax, it works by stimulating the nerve endings in your intestines to stimulate peristalsis, which causes bowel contractions that help push stool through your system.

Are Dulcolax laxative suppositories safe during pregnancy?

Dulcolax laxative suppositories aren’t safe during pregnancy if you’re on your first 3 months.

You should consult your obstetrician prior to taking any medications while being pregnant as they will know what is best for you and your baby’s safety when taking this type of medicine.

How fast does Dulcolax stool softener laxative take to work?

Dulcolax typically takes around 12 hours to work. Dulcolax is not a fast-acting laxative, but it does take effect the next day after you’ve taken it.

Once Dulcolax starts working, your bowel movements should be softer and easier to pass naturally. This will help prevent constipation as well as painful episodes of cramping or bloating from occurring in the future when taking this medication long term (everyday).

It’s important that you drink plenty of water while taking Dulcolax because if there isn’t enough fluids in your system then stool can become hard again once Dulcolax wears off and make for an unpleasant visit to the bathroom during those times.

Is Dulcolax a fiber laxative?

Dulcolax is not a fiber laxative. Dulcolex does contain an active ingredient called Bisacodyl, which stimulates bowel motility and helps decrease constipation by increasing the movement of the intestines.

It’s important that you drink plenty of water while taking Dulcolax because if there isn’t enough fluids in your system then stool can become hard again once Dulcolax wears off and make for an unpleasant visit to the bathroom during those times.


Dulcolax is a laxative that aids in alleviating occasional constipation. Tell your doctor or pharmacist whether you are allergic to bisacodyl or whether you have any other allergies until taking it. Inactive ingredients can be present in this product, causing allergic reactions or other issues. For more details, speak with your pharmacist.

The best way you can take care of your health is by making sure you have good bowel movements on a regular basis. Regularity will help promote better overall digestion and expedite any healing process required when dealing with digestive problems like diarrhea or stomach pain from indigestion or heartburn.

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