Do Laxatives Make You Skinnier?

Do laxatives make you skinnier?

Do laxatives make you skinnier? The answer to that is no. Laxatives are a temporary measure and they don’t have any effect on fat cells, or the body’s ability to break down food. This is why there are no reports of people losing weight from taking laxative pills.

It might seem like it at first, but once your body becomes accustomed to the laxative and starts absorbing nutrients again you’ll start gaining weight again!

Can laxatives make you skinny?

No, they can’t it’s a temporary effect. How they make you temporarily skinnier is by making your intestines empty out and flush away everything in its path that isn’t broken down enough to absorb. This includes water weight from the food you eat and also any waste products inside of your body like bacteria or extra protein if you’re eating too much meat!

They do this by increasing movement in the bowels, which removes all of these things before they have time to be absorbed back into the body. It may seem like laxatives are slimming because there is less hanging around for digestion – but really what happens when we don’t feel full after we eat is that our brain gets accustomed to receiving smaller amounts of food.

The laxatives don’t make you skinnier, they just help your body to flush out waste and water weight. When we eat food that is not broken down enough for our bodies to use or digest it fills up in the stomach, intestines and colon without being absorbed by those areas of the body.

This leads us feeling bloated after a meal because there are pounds more than usual hanging around waiting to be broken down for absorption.

Laxatives work on two levels: They temporarily increase bowel movement so all the unabsorbed food can pass through quickly instead of lingering too long in your system, which reduces bloat; AND Secondly they actually cause dehydration by emptying out everything inside of your intestines.

What this means: If all you’re doing is using laxatives and not proper dieting & exercises, then you’re not going to see long-term results.

Laxatives are also no substitute for the nutrients that come from healthy food and they can’t help with weight loss on their own – so keep looking if you want to slim down in a safe, sustainable way!

The only way to lose weight is through a healthy diet and exercise!

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