Are plums a laxative?

Are plums a laxative?

Are plums a laxative? It is natural to wonder if the fruit you’re eating may be a laxative.

Plums are not considered by nutritionists as having large laxative effect, although they do have some. In fact, dried plums have been shown to have the same effect on digestion as prunes do – and they can in some cases be used in place of prunes for people who need help with constipation.

Are dried plums a laxative?

Dried plums do have the same laxative effect as prunes.

Interestingly, people who need help with constipation may find it useful to substitute dried plums for their regular intake of prunes, if they are averse to using large quantities of fruit in general or feel that eating too many can cause weight gain.

It is also worth noting that while some research indicates that these fruits are effective at promoting healthy digestion and bowel movements, other studies show no such effects on stool consistency and frequency – so there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive evidence either way!

Are plums natural laxatives?

Yes, plums are a natural laxative, but they may have the same effects as prunes.

Even though plums do not contain any food additives or other chemicals which could potentially act like stimulants on the body’s digestive system and intestines, it is possible for them to make you feel “lax” in time if eaten in sufficient quantities over an extended period of time.

Plum juice has been found to be more effective than water at regulating bowel movements when taken before breakfast everyday for two weeks compared with taking nothing at all (although this does depend on your individual diet).

This suggests that there may be something about these fruits which promotes healthy digestion and bowel movements – perhaps their high fiber content?

Can you eat plums instead of prunes for laxative?

Yes. Eating plums can help people feel full, which may lead to a reduction in caloric intake and weight loss over time. Plums also contain high levels of fiber that the body breaks down slowly through digestion for improved bowel function and gut health.

The soluble sugars found in prunes are not present in plums; therefore, eating plums as an alternative laxative is possible without experiencing any adverse side effects such as irregularity or diarrhea.

The key difference between plum juice vs water is that liquid makes it easier for your stomach hormones (ghrelin) to send signals to your brain when you’re feeling hungry. So drinking plenty of fluids can help you feel fuller and less likely to overeat.

Plums can be a good source of fiber, especially if combined with other foods that are lower in sugar such as non-starchy vegetables or whole grains like oatmeal.

Can prunes be used as a laxative?

While the soluble sugars found in dried plums are not present in fresh plums, it is possible to use them both for a laxative effect. Eating two or three small pitted plum halves will have similar effects on your bowel movements and gut health as eating one-half cup of whole prune pits (about eight).

Dried fruit can help you feel fuller and less likely to overeat, but keep in mind that there’s sugar content involved so moderation is key. If you’re interested in using this food for weight loss purposes, it may be best to do some research into how much fat is required when taking these foods with fiber supplements like psyllium husk powder and others.


In conclusion, plums and prunes are not a laxative drugs. But they can be used as an alternative to laxatives for people who need help with constipation. You will poo more.

Plums are natural and you can eat them along with prescribed drugs for constipation issues.

If you’ve eaten some and your stomach still feels uncomfortable, however, there’s probably another reason why this is the case. It could be something else entirely like allergies that have caused it or just eating too much of anything in general!

If any other symptoms arise besides discomfort after eating these fruits then please consult your doctor as soon as possible!

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