Are Figs Natural Laxatives?

Are Figs Natural Laxatives?

Fig consumption is a popular digestive aid for those who suffer from constipation, but are figs natural laxatives? Fig fruit have been used through the centuries as a laxative and to soothe irritable bowel syndrome. This article will explore whether dried figs act as a laxative, if fresh figs are healthy or not, and how many figs you should eat each day in order to get their benefits.

Are Dried Figs a Laxative?

Natural figs are rich in fiber, and this is why they act as a laxative. The dried figs contain a lot of it so it increases their laxative effect.

However, some people who experience constipation seem to find relief from eating at least one cup of dried figs every day because it helps them make bowel movements more often throughout the day.

Those that have an irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) might also benefit from increased regularity of their bowel movements by consuming plenty of high-fiber foods such as figs on a daily basis.

These fruits are also a good source of calcium and potassium and many other nutritions, which may help encourage the elimination process. But don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

Are figs a good laxative?

Figs considered to be a good laxative because they contain the natural fiber pectin, potassium and calcium which helps promote healthy bowel activity.

Some people find that fig syrups may have a laxative effect over time for them but it’s best to drink plenty of water with any fruit juice or preparation like this in order to avoid constipation problems.

Do figs have a laxative effect?

It’s also important to note that figs act as a laxative for some people because they contain the natural fiber pectin, potassium and calcium.

Many people find that figs can be an effective and gentle way to promote regular bowel movements without having the side effects associated with harsh medications such as cramping, discomfort, and dehydration.

However not all agree on whether they will work for everyone because there are factors at play such as other health conditions (like heartburn) which make them less beneficial than usual.

It is important though to consult your doctor before introducing figs into your diet if you’re unsure about their potential benefits for you due to medical concerns or specific dietary.

Are figs a laxative like prunes?

In ancient Greece, figs were believed to be a laxative like prunes. The Greeks thought that the high fiber content in figs could help move food through the digestive tract and out of the body.

Prunes are also thought to be a natural laxative as well, but they have been found to work better for some people than others.

Fig is the common name and refers most commonly to members of species Ficus carica in the mulberry family Moraceae with high concentrations of soluble fiber which has effects on bowel movements that make figs act like prunes or other plant sources rich in dietary fibers.


Figs are a natural laxative. They contain high concentrations of soluble fiber which have effects on bowel movements that make figs act like prunes or other plant sources rich in dietary fibers.

Prunes may be more effective at relieving constipation if taken regularly even though their effectiveness can vary from person to person.

When it comes down to it, figs are an excellent source of natural, healthy nutrients and also happen to help promote regular bowel movements when you suffer from temporary constipation.

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