Are Dried Plums A Laxative?

Are Dried Plums A Laxative?

It is not unusual for people to wonder if plums are a laxative. These tasty fruits have been used as a natural remedy for many years, but the laxative effect of dried plums has never been studied in depth.

Are plums a good laxative?

The truth is that dried plums are not set up to be a natural remedy for constipation. This fruit does contain fiber, but it has been processed into small pieces and made much easier to swallow than the whole plum would have been before drying. However, due to their high amount of sugar content, this type of food will contribute only sporadically in loosening stool or helping with bowel movements.

Plum laxatives work differently from other medications used as remedies for constipation – such as those containing dill seeds or senna leaves – because these produce a stimulating effect on the intestines and colon muscles which increases peristalsis (or movement in the intestines), and therefore helps with bowel movements.

The laxative effect of plums is a result of their high natural sugar content, which stimulates hormones in the colon to speed up peristalsis and cause stool to move through more quickly than usual – so while it may not be as effective on its own, this fruit can make an excellent addition to other treatments for constipation.

Do plums have laxative effects?

Dried plums are not set up to produce any form of stimulant stimulation that would aid in relieving constipation or promoting regularity due to how they have been processed into small pieces. That being said, because dried plum’s contain quite a lot of sugar content (which will stimulate hormone production in the colon) they can be used as an additional form of relief when added to other treatments.

Are plums a natural laxative?

Plums are natural if they are not canned. People usually eat them raw but you may also find these fruits canned or dried – so if you’re looking for some natural laxatives, look no further!

Do plums work as laxative?

Plums work as laxatives if you eat them.

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